Our llamas are specifically selected for their confident and easy going temperaments. They are comfortable inside and outside, being in large crowds and even around loud noises and machinery or vehicles! 

Although our animals are happy pretty much anywhere its important to us that they have as much fun as you so we will need to know what kind of venue we will be attending so we can make sure everyone is safe and has a great time. 

Although the llamas are a wonder enough on their own we are able to offer some fun activities for everyone involved. 

If you’re looking for a one of a kind activity we highly recommend you give our ‘Llama Kissing Booth’ a try!! We have some very friendly llamas who in exchange for a small fee (of carrot) will be happy to give you a kiss for the ultimate selfie with a twist. Popular for fund-raising events right down to birthday parties and everything in between.

Also available is our photo booth! We can bring along our polaroid camera to grab photos of you and your guests with the llamas. Its always a huge hit and and great little keepsake for everyone to take home on the day.

Our animals are more then happy to walk through the crowds on their leads however we are also able to bring temporary pens if the occasion requires it. 

Thinking of a photo shoot with a difference? Tall and regal they will pose for photos or graze peacefully on the grass nearby.

Llamas are fantastic animals, everyone who meets them falls in love! If however you're a bit intimidated by their large size we also have some very sweet alpacas who are happy to step in! Much smaller but just as fluffy and adorable they are a great alternative if you're looking for something a little smaller for your event. 

Unfortunately even if attending an event indoors we still have to consider travel and setup. Our animals can't work in extreme weather. In the event that we are unable to attend we can reschedule or a full refund will be provided.